Strategic In-house Skills

Strategic Advantage through In-house Skills: Our investment in in-house automation, maintenance, and IT development exceeds industry standards.

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More than Machining: Our In-House Skills as a Success Factor

As an innovative company in machining technology, we rely on our in-house skills in automation, maintenance, and software development. This approach allows us to operate flexibly, continuously improve, and clearly differentiate ourselves from other machining businesses. With our own expertise, we ensure high quality, optimized processes, and efficient production.

In-house Automation
By Bundling Expertise

Considering the growing importance of automation in the industry, we established a specialized automation team several years ago, which currently comprises 4 automation experts. They are responsible for the planning, design, and supervision of over 20 robotic cells. By consolidating these expertise within our company, we can develop optimal solutions tailored to our needs without relying on external partners.

No More Downtime
With Our Maintenance Team

A key factor for our high delivery reliability is our in-house maintenance team, consisting of five experts in the fields of electrical and mechanical maintenance. Thanks to them, we can quickly resolve machine downtime on our own, ensuring a consistent supply to our customers.

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In-house IT Innovation
Our Key to a Digital Future

With three employees in our in-house software development/IT, we create tailored software solutions. These range from digital workflows that make our work processes more efficient and transparent, to a central manufacturing control system that smoothly manages production, to our own mobile apps. We firmly believe that this in-house expertise is crucial for our continuous innovation and sustainable growth.