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Assembly Services: From purchasing additional components to the final assembly, we guarantee the highest quality standards and efficient processes.

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All-in-one: Our Service - Your Advantage

Upon request, we assemble the parts we produce into complete assemblies. Naturally, we also handle the procurement of all necessary additional components and required surface treatments. Modern assembly workstations in our separate assembly department are tailored to the specific requirements of each assembly group. This ensures swift assembly and consistently high quality.

Our Assembly Range
Art of Assembly in All Sizes

With precision and care, we handle both robust and delicate tasks. Our range spans from simple assemblies, such as inserting Helicoil thread inserts, to compiling complex assemblies with over 50 different individual parts. Regardless of the task's complexity, we always ensure that every element fits perfectly and meets our high-quality standards.

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Based on your drawing and 3D model.

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